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Side gusset bags offer additional space for product volume and graphics.

Fin Seal/Lap Seal/Quad Seal

These types of side gusset bags are produced from a single web. Joining the edges of the web creates a seam that will become a “fin” on the back or offset to the side. If preferred, the fin can also be tacked down to create a “lap seal”. The seam can even be completely disguised by rotating the fin to an edge and sealing all four edges (quad seal bag).

While these styles of bags do not have flat bottom gussets, the bottom of the bag can be folded and glued to create opportunities for added stability or brand identification when the bags are stacked on store shelves (common for large, high volume and heavy bags such as pet food).

Pinch Bottom

In contrast to fin seal, lap seal, and quad seal bags, which are formed from a single web, the pinch bottom utilizes a separate web to insert the side gussets. This is ideal for side gusset graphics that bleed all the way to the edges or for different colored/clear side gussets. All four edges are sealed and the bottom corners are tacked together. Rounded corners are standard on pinch bottom products. The folded and glued bottom is also an option for added stability on the shelf.

Folded & Glued Bottom

The bottom of the product can be folded and glued to create an extra panel. This can provide stability for smaller packages to stand upright. For larger, high volume, and heavy bags (such as pet food), a folded and glued bottom keeps brand identification visible when the bags are stacked on shelves and the bottom faces the consumer.