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With the emergence of legalized medicinal and recreational cannabis, we are discovering that legislators would benefit from obtaining packaging knowledge from a trusted and reputable source. Advanced Converting Works (ACW) is a consortium of multiple flexible packaging companies with over 150 years of combined experience, and we are collectively the largest pouch making organization in North America.

As the very first company to produce child-resistant packaging for the cannabis and CBD industries, our leaders are well versed in the differing compliance requirements for every state that has a legalized cannabis market. Our executives are frequently called upon as keynote speakers to share their expertise in navigating this complicated arena, and now we are realizing the need to equip our lawmakers with the same level of knowledge to make sound decisions regarding cannabis packaging regulations.

A child-resistant closure can be achieved with as little as .02% added cost to the overall package. With such a negligible difference, we believe legislation that requires child-resistant packaging for cannabis is both attainable and socially responsible.

ACW has a deep commitment to providing safe and functional child-resistant packaging for cannabis and other industries including chemicals, fertilizers, detergents and more. With over 100 production lines, we actively design and produce packaging for all of these markets currently.

We welcome the opportunity to provide free consultation and further education about child-resistant packaging options. We look forward to being a key contributor in this changing marketplace to keep all of your constituents safe as societal choices evolve.