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November 20, 2019 - 7:43 pm, in News, Specialty Packaging Technologies

As pioneers in the child-resistant pouch movement, ACW companies are trusted experts in providing safe flexible packaging solutions that keep children out of detergents, chemicals, fertilizers, highly regulated products, and more. But we don’t sell premade stock pouches. We sell innovation. Our custom design and production processes will create a unique package that highlights the very best pouch style, closure type, specifications, and branding optimization for the actual product it will protect.

CR Product Types

  • 2/3 Side Seal Pouches with CR Zippers
  • Stand Up Pouches with CR Zippers
  • Stand Up Pouches with CR Sliders (Hooded & Non-Hooded)

Contact Us to find out more or see us December 11-13 in Las Vegas at booth C9125 in the Central Hall

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