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Contract Proofs

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Contract Proofs

GMG is the solution for cost-effective color-accurate contract proofs based on printed data geared towards the flexo and packaging markets offering consistent proofing across different printers and substrates, allowing for highly color-accurate proofs. It is also compliant with globally accepted printing standards (such as ISO Offset, PSO, GRACoL and SWOP), and its reliability and remarkable performance make it the indispensable tool among leading color management experts.Specifically designed to meet the needs of the packaging industry, GMG OpenColor makes sure CMYK and spot colors print exactly the way you want them to by simulating the press gain, the shade of printed substrate, the way PMS colors will translate into 4 color process or the way they will look printed as spot colors.GMG’s patented OpenColor technology is unique. It enables accurate proof simulation of the overprinting effects of spot colors using special multichannel profiles.

The spectral data calculation includes printing technologies, media types and printing order and its results are so reliable that profile iterations are no longer necessary.The proofs are generated from final files to be printed and once the customer approves by signature, they become a contractual commitment for the printer to follow and match within certain tolerances accepted in the industry.Each proof can have different specifications: size, total ink density, line screen, etc.  The proofing system will generate proofs complying to the specifications.

After completion the color strip printed on the proof is scanned and the system checks the values comparing them to the standard required. Then it generates an acceptance label with the scanned values.