3D Rendering

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e take your 2D Illustrator artwork and create a 3D model. If you don’t have a model we can create one for you. High resolution renders can be exported to be further adjusted in Photoshop. The exported images can be specified to contain an alpha channel so the models can be divorced from their backgrounds so they can be placed in other scenes. An auto generated PDF containing several screen shots of the 3D scene as well as 2D renders all the labels and base artwork in the scene, can be easily exported to allow for easier collaborative review or mark-up.

Models created or edited can be exported with their materials in Collada format or editing in other third party 3D applications. We can then be reimport as Collada files if required. A Quick Time Movie (MOV) file can be recorded and exported to allow the 3D content to be viewed on other devices and platforms.. The Movie exporter uses high quality video compression to create quality movies. The user can also manually animate the object during the recording, to zoom in on a certain section or spin the object / objects so they can be viewed from all sides.

Models from all major 3D applications, using the common cross application formats such as:

  • Collada (DAE)
  • Modo (LXO)
  • 3DS Max (3DS and ASE)
  • Wavefront Object (OBJ)
  • Lightwave (LWO and LWS)
  • Milkshape 3D (MS3D)
  • STL (Stereo Lithography 3D Printer files)

Your model can be rendered on a variety of custom materials.