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Pillow bags pioneered the flexible packaging industry.

Pillow bags are produced from a single web. Joining the edges of the web creates a seam that will become a “fin” on the back or offset to the side. If preferred, the fin can also be tacked down to create a “lap seal”. For a resealable option, Inno-lok® (front panel zipper) or bag top zipper can be pre-applied before the bag is formed.

Centered Fin Seal


Offset (Rotated) Fin Seal


Lap Seal

Lap Seal

Available Pillow Bag Features

Tear Notches

Tear notches provide a starting point for the consumer to tear the bag open.

Hang Holes

A hole punched into the top of the bag allows it to hang on a hook in the store.

Handle Holes

Standard or custom handle holes assist the consumer with carrying large, awkward or heavy bags.

Zippers and Closures

Zipper can be pre-applied on one panel
(Inno-lok zipper) or applied to the top of the bag.


Vents allow air to move
through the bag and prevent it from bursting
when squeezed or flattened.

One-Way Valves

One-way valves allow gases to escape the bag without letting oxygen in. This keeps certain products fresher and can improve shelf life.


A dashed line is punched through all film layers to assist the consumer in opening the bag.


Labels, such as removable coupons or freshness seals, can be applied during the production process.

Inkjet Printing

Codes can be printed on the pouch during production for traceability, reward codes, or any other application.